Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Day 28 - Things that make me smile - Memory Lane at the Magic Kingdom

I am in Orlando on vacation.  One of my favorite places in the world is Disney World and the Magic Kingdom.  (Fun fact - Did you know Ella's full name is Cinderella?)   Sun was out, high of 80 predicted, free ticket in hand, bright and early I headed out to out to the Magic Kingdom.

I have been fortunate to be able to go to Disney World on 7 different trips.  This 7th trip, I was alone. While I thought it might be strange to be there alone, it was a great day riding most rides, taking in shows and reflecting on memories from past trips.

I was in high school when I went to Disney for the first time.  I went on a road trip with my friend Kris and her family down to Florida.  We spent 2 days at WDW - As I rode the monorail through the Contemporary  Hotel, I though of our stay there and riding the monorail back and forth to the parks - Magic Kingdom and Epcot.

My second trip to WDW was the year after I graduated from college - my friend Tami and I went to Orlando to celebrate her graduating from college.  As I drove through the gates of the Magic Kingdom I thought of that taken with my friend - my first vacation as an "adult".

The third trip was with my mom and Margrette.  As I rode Dumbo, I remembered the bumpy ride that my sister and my mom had riding the elephant.  Splash Mountain was closed, but I smiled as I remember them making me go on that ride, which I rode with my eyes closed.

Ben's ten year old trip was my fourth time and Jerome's ten year old trip was my fifth trip - so many memories there...  Roz, Teacups, Buzz Lightyear,  every corner seemed to remind me of something I did with with the two of them there - good memories.

My sixth trip was with my mom - this was the trip where we took the Keys to the Kingdom tour and got to go behind the scenes.  Thought of our trip as I walked by Woody and Jesse - remembering seeing them coming off stage and taking their heads off and when the floats went down the street the memory of seeing them up close and personal.

So today my seventh trip was full of memories - I was there when Mickey rode the train to welcome everyone as the park opened and left after the night fireworks.  I made a few new memories in the new Fantasyland and going to see the talking Mickey (did you know that he now talks to you when you visit?)  It was a great day full of great memories - and that makes me smile.

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