Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Day 14 Things that make me smile - School Board Meeting

Just under a year ago, Spring Lake Park fully implemented devices in its 1:1 Digital Learning Program.  It has been a great year of learning and growth.

Tonight,  two of our Technology Continuous Improvement Coaches - Maureen Peters and Erin Stalsberg and three SLP students - Eric, John and Myah presented with me at the school board meeting for an update of the 1:1 Digital Learning Program.

Maureen and Erin did an excellent job sharing where we are at in our implementation and the students did an awesome job sharing their TIES experience and how the initiative has changed their learning. The students also did a great job answering questions from the school board!

I was very proud of the students and proud to work with Maureen and Erin (and all of the other TCICs) and proud of what we have done in one year - tonight it makes me smile.

(I like this picture because I didn't have to crop myself out of it - that's me hiding in the corner)

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