Thursday, June 12, 2014

Day 163 Things that make me smile - New Routines

Ella is very loved.  Auntie Margrette bought her some chicken treats a few months ago - they have become her new bedtime snack.  Only Ella doesn't eat it at night, she buries it in the blankets/pillows to save for the next day.  Most mornings she will eat it when she gets up, but recently she has saved it for the next night.  About 8 o'clock at night she will go into the bedroom, stand by the bed and bark until I come and help her onto the bed.  She will then spend time finding a new place to "hide" it - after a couple different hiding places she will finally settle in and eat it.  It is a crazy routine, but it makes me smile.

Got my treat

First hiding place 

Looking for a new spot

Maybe here...

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