Saturday, June 7, 2014

Day 158 Things that make me smile - Down the Aisle

Every wedding brings different opportunities- this wedding brought the opportunity of using my teacher skills to herd people to get the wedding started on time.  I should have guessed that the wedding party would be late after being a half hour late for rehearsal - they were an hour late with parents showing up only 30 minutes prior to the wedding.  
There was no one seated with 10 minutes to the ceremony, but we got the 30 or so people who were there seated, found the groom and the father of the bride and got everyone down the aisle only a few minutes late and that made me smile.  Side note - started the wedding with about 30 guests, by the end of the wedding the church was pretty full - there was a steady stream of guests coming in throughout the ceremony right up until the end.

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