Friday, March 7, 2014

Day 66 - Things that make me smile - "Being at a game" virtually

Back when I was growing up, there was no internet, no twitter, no Facebook, no cell phones, you get the picture.  If there was a big game and you couldn't go, you either had to wait for the result on the news (if your parents let you stay up that late) or wait until you got to school the next morning to hear the news or see it in the newspaper.

With the technology we have today, you can be at a game without being there.  From the text messages sent throughout a game, to following games on twitter, to being able to watch games online - I have been fortunate to "be at games" several times this year when I couldn't be there in person.  Tonight I watched Ben play for the Waterloo Blackhawks online, being there, but not being there - and that makes me smile.

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