Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Day 49 Things that make me smile - Next Issue

I love magazines!  I used to buy 3-4 magazines a week (or more).  A little over a year ago I saw an advertisement for Next Issue - kind of a NetFlix for magazines.  So I tried it and I love it!  There are 2 pay models - $9.99 a month for basic which includes monthly magazines about 121 magazine titles and $14.99 for unlimited which includes over 133 magazines monthly and weekly magazine titles.  When I thought about it, I was spending about 10-15 dollars a week on magazines so I went with the unlimited subscription.  I love it!  I have access at anytime to over 133 magazines from Time to People and Oprah to Real Simple - plus there are digital bonus pieces too.  So tonight I am feeling like a entertainment so I am going to cuddle in with People and then US Weekly - and that makes me smile tonight. (for those that ask if I miss being able to tear out pages with recipes or ideas - I just take screenshots of the pages)

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