Saturday, February 1, 2014

Day 31 - Things that make me smile - Making connections

As I said before I was on vacation this week in Orlando.  As part of this vacation I chose to attend the FETC conference (yes this was my choosing and paid for it myself)   When I go to conferences that the district pays for, I make sure I attend every session I can and even extend learning gatherings.  The beauty of going to a conference that I paid to attend - I could go to as much or as little of the conference that I wanted to attend.  Thursday I attended sessions and Keynotes, today I went to the opening Keynote and spent about four hours walking through the vendor area making connections that will support our Digital 1:1 Initiative.  I talked to many vendor and am excited to go through all of the pictures I took to dig into a bunch of new sites and products.  (I took pics of information instead of taking brochures)  Thinking about the new connections and possibilities makes me smile tonight.

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