Sunday, September 7, 2014

Day 250 Things that make me smile - The Tesseract School

Twenty five years ago, I started my teaching career at the Tesseract School in Eagan.  I taught preschool in the red, orange and yellow groups - it was a great place for me to start my career - working with great people and setting a foundation for the educator I have become.  I have fond memories of the building, coworkers, the kids, field trips, Morning Meetings, DOS computers, etc.

Today I went down to the new outlet mall in Eagan.  It happens to be on the other side of 13 on Silver Lake Road from the Tesseract school.  Being so close, I felt the need to do a drive by. While the area and building has change (it is now the MAC School), there was a sense of home as a drove through.  Memories came rushing back and I couldn't help but smile (ok those who know me - few tears too). I drove out smiling and singing "Bless This House" - yes I still remembered all the words.

Bless this house, for we are all together. 
Bless us all. We may not meet again. 
Think of all the happiness we've found here. 
Take it home and share it with a friend.

Come along, sing a song
And we'll never say good-bye. 
And you'll see, and agree 
Friendships won will never die.

So familiar driving into 3800 Tesseract Place

Coming home

Walked through these doors everyday

Preschool playground - favorite memories here were water days:)

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