Saturday, April 19, 2014

Day 109 Things that make me smile - Blessing of the Easter Food/ Easter Vigil

Today I went to church two times.

This morning I went to church for the Blessing of the Easter Food - better know to me as Zegen.  I filled my basket with the food I will eat Easter morning - including Walnut Poticia. (Yes I went to 3 stores to find it, but I found it - and brought it to church where Fr. Dufner said   prayers for each of the food types and blesses with Holy water.  It is a favorite tradition from growing up that I was excited to see at my church this year.

Tonight I went to Easter Vigil Mass, my favorite Mass of the year.  From starting in darkness to being lit by candles held by all, baptisms and confirmations to the return of Alleluia - I love the symbolism and rituals during this Mass.  He has Risen!  Tonight this all makes me smile!

My Zegen basket

Church of the Epiphany outside - I will take pics of inside next week at the wedding I am coordinating.

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